I provide my clients an extensive variety of services. My belief is that psychotherapy is more an art than a science, or to put it more succinctly, psychotherapy is a sacred science. Among many other things, this means that there are many approaches that can be effective. The choice of approach is largely in the hands of the client. However, as you become more comfortable with the therapy, we can discuss many of these practices and choose one, or two, or many, that seem to be the most promising in yeilding the results that you desire.

Listed below are the basic approaches, some of them are obvious choices, i.e., if you are an individual you will engage in Individual Therapy. However, within some of these categories are the different modalities of practice, such as Spiritual Counselling, or Past Life Therapy, or a special focus on the needs of the creative artist (not limited to practicing artists either! We are all creative and have creative outlets we can explore!)

Personal Counselling

Personal counselling is just that, therapy for the individual. Click on the link above to learn more. I see clients aged 14 and up and clients engaged in all phases of life, from any and all cultures and orientations, and with very challenging issues as well as those with simply a desire to learn more about themselves and how they interface with the world around them.

Couples Counselling

Therapy for couples—any person engaged with another in a relationship that is in conflict, or in need of any sort of enlightenment or investigation. Here the relationship is the patient, not the individual, and it is the intention that a positive resolution is reached for all involved.

Online Therapy

As we move deeper into the age of technology the ways of doing therapy have changed radically as well. No longer is it necessary to travel to a therapist's office to engage in effective therapy. Click on the link above to learn more about how you can receive therapy long distance, ether through webcam, telephone or even email. This is a specialized form of psychotherapy that has proven through evidence based studies to be as effective as conventional therapy in a variety of settings. It is not for everyone, but if you feel you could benefit from this style of working with a therapist, or if you are not in a position to travel to my office, please investigate this exciting new modality.

Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual therapy addresses concerns and issues that may not directly come up in conventional talk therapy. Although accessible to everyone, even those who do not feel they have a deep spiritual connection with the world around them, people feel more comfortable with this approach to therapy if they are already engaged in some sort of spiritual practice. To learn more about spiritual counselling and therapy, click on the link.

Past Life Regression Therapy

As I state on the main page describing this intriguing modality, a person does not need to believe in reincarnation to benefit from this approach. Past Life Regression Therapy is a form of active imagination, usually performed while the patient is under a light trance state (hypnosis). Although there have been some fascinating evidential studies conducted around reincarnation and past life encounters, when using this modality in my practice I am not concerned with documenting the actual past life experience as being real. This is not necessary to benefit from this type of work. Although in some people's belief system past lives are very real, and for these people this modality of therapy will be that much more interesting.

Conjoint Couples Therapy

My wife, Cindy Hayen, is also my partner in our psychotherapy practice. We provide a very unique and valuable service by being able to each see one member of a partnership in individual therapy and then see the two members as a couple in conjoint therapy with both therapists present. If any couple is interested in this sort of work please inquire when contacting me.

Artists and Creatives

I spent many years deeply engrossed in the film industry in Hollywood before becoming a therapist. I have a unique understanding of what it is that makes up an artist, both a commercial artist and a non-commercial artist. I apply my experience as an artist myself (a composer) integrated with my training as a transpersonal and depth psychotherapist to come up with a unique blend of the practical, the therapeutic, and the creative artistic in my working paradigm. Please click on the above link to read more about this aspect of my practice.

Sandtray Therapy

Sandtray therapy is a fascinating therapeutic intervention that consists of the patient choosing amongst a large assortment of figurines and objects and creating a living scene using the objects in a tray of sand. Originally devised for use with children who had a difficult time verbalizing, Sandtray has now proven to be very effective in working with adults and adult issues.

The procedure is simple and can be quite fascinating. The therapist does not interpret the tray created by the patient, but only observes the building of the scene and may discuss it with the patient after its completion. Studies have shown that by allowing the imagination and unconscious images to take form in this manner allows for a "working through" in the psyche that talk therapy alone may not facilitate.

Dream Therapy

As a depth psychologist dreamwork is a very prominent part of my practice. Carl Jung believed that through dreams we bring the unconscious into the light of conscious awareness. We no longer apply a hard analysis and interpretation of dreams in the therapy consult room but rather bring the dream into joint awareness and contemplation, looking for amplifications, associations, and meaning unique to the individual dreamer. Simply discussing the dream, visiting the characters within it, and inviting the images into the conscious mind allows the psyche to air out issues that have been causing conflicts or confusions within the confines of the unconscious mind. Dreamwork can be very important and very effective in better understanding our current reality.

Money Counselling

I apply the concept of "Spiritual Economics" as defined by Eric Butterworth when working with financial issues with both individuals and couples. I am certified to teach the course "Principles of Financial Freedom" and from time to time teach this course to groups of interested clients. Please click the link for more details.


I am a certified hypnotherapist and use this modality in my practice when I feel it is appropriate. There are many uses for hypnotherapy, including dealing with unwanted habits, facilitating guiding imagery, meditation, past life work, neuro-linguistic programming, etc. If there is any particular issue you would like to use hypnotherapy to approach please discuss this with me when contacting me.